Discovery Video Call

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You may be struggling with your birth preparation, planning or path for various reasons. Maybe you are scared about what birth may entail for you, or maybe you just don't know where to start and need pointing in the right direction. Let me help with my 1-hour group birth preparation discovery video call.

Do you:
❓Feel fear and anxiety whenever you think about birth
❓Doubt your ability to manage your birth sensations
❓Worry about how you will respond if your birth path changes
❓Have no idea about what your birth options and rights are
❓Wonder where to go or who to see for accurate information

Do you:
💥Want to learn tools to manage your fears
💥Take control of your negative inner voice
💥Learn how breathing techniques can alter your emotional response system
💥Prepare in a positive and confident way for the birth of your baby

☎️ During this group discovery video call we will discuss what your biggest birth preparation challenge is, where your fears have come from and how to manage your thoughts and therefore expectations about birth.

As it is a video call you will be able to join from the comfort of your own home and get access to the recorded video after the class, should you need to refer back to anything.

Following this call you are then able to book a private 1-1 video call with me if you have any additional issues or concerns that you may want to explore in more depth.

To book, click here.