My Services 

These are the pregnancy and birth services that I provide:


Mind, Body & Soul Hypnobirthing Programme

This is the must do course for those needing more than just a standard birth preparation programme. This programme is an antenatal education, hypnobirthing and emotional wellbeing programme designed to support you on your individual pregnancy, birth and motherhood journey no matter what type of birth you want, wish, plan or need to have.  There is a strong focus on reducing fear and building confidence.

Be Ready for Birth & Baby Antenatal Course

8 weeks of antenatal education, instruction and guidance to prepare you for birth and baby!

Birth Pool Hire

A birthing pool can be used during labour or at the time of birth - or both.  The water can; help keep you calm and relaxed, support the weight of your bump and baby, provides a natural pain relief, relaxes your muscles, gives you a sense of privacy and mothers often report more positive birth experiences having used one. 

Online Hypnobirthing Home Study Course

The Simple Birth Company's hypnobirthing course; The Mind, Body & Soul Hypnobirthing Programme, can now be accessed as an online home study course! I understand that not everyone has the time or the money to be able to attend our group or private courses, so signing up for my online hypnobirthing course is a great solution to enable you to have access to the best possible antenatal education that suits your lifestyle, schedule or budget.